Have you considered getting a pre-paid funeral plan?

Would your family have at least £3,500 immediately available for your funeral?

The cost of funerals is rising dramatically and the allowances from the Government to assist bereaved families comes nowhere near to covering the cost.
There are Plans to suit all requirements and the family will feel more comfortable with the whole process if they know that it is you who have made the choices, rather than them having to:

– wade through the alternatives
– weigh up and bear the cost
– decide on burial or cremation

One of the larger pre-paid providers is SAFE HANDS.
Safe Hands Funeral Plans is the UK’s fastest-growing and most affordable pre-paid funeral plan provider. Their plans cover both burial and cremation, plus you can dictate the precise format of the service thus eliminating any uncertainty amongst loved ones regarding what you want.

A Safe Hands Funeral Plan can be paid for in a single payment, or you can spread the cost over a period of up to 10 years. Alternatively, pay for your Safe Hands plan over the course of 1 year with NO interest charges ! And your plan can be switched if the plan-holder should out-live his or her spouse. Apart from everything else . . .

“A funeral plan is a good investment and can be paid for over a number of years at a rate to suit every pocket”

Visit Safe Hands for a great deal on funeral plans