1. Our staff are legal and training experts with decades of experience. We hold a comprehensive library of precedents covering every aspect of the estate planning business.

2. We have traded successfully for over ten years; in the period 2016 to 2017 our output was increased by 20% dealing with nearly 3,600 documents and handled countless requests for information and assistance.

3. We work for some 40 or so individual will-writing companies and small businesses throughout England and Wales covering 15 counties;

4. We do NOT deal directly with our consultants’ clients;

5. Our consultants use us for the drafting of their wills, trusts and Powers of Attorney because they know we can produce the work within 24 to 48 hours.

6. We maintain a week-end / holiday stand-by service to deal with emergency cases so we can [if necessary] send first drafts within hours.

7. Because of our extensive knowledge of the business we are able to pick up any anomalies in instructions and offer sensible alternatives and solutions to a client’s particular issues.

8. We are available even out of normal working hours to deal with consultants’ problems.

9 Our documents are bespoke; we do not use any will-writing software packages so we are flexible enough to take account of all of our consultants’ requirements as dictated by their clients.

10. We train estate planning professionals. If you want your consultants trained or to undergo CPD courses to enable them to renew membership of other professional will writing businesses we can do that as well. We also provide business start-up advice for new companies. Every year in England and Wales we carry out nine one or two-day training sessions to suit our clients’ particular needs.

11. We can visit your Club, Association or Group to talk about Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney; we include a question & answer session. It is entertaining and informative. You can also have copies of our comprehensive but jargon-free 20-page booklet which will give you a good over-view of what can be done for your own estate-planning needs.

12. We probably write more Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney than any similar business.
We encourage our consultants to do what they can for themselves;
Our management team is qualified and experienced;
We take calls any day at any reasonable time;
Our consultant output is regularly monitored;
Our staff are workers, not overheads;
Our training is second to none;
We cover England & Wales;
We do not overcharge.