Eurowills .....Your Back-up Plan ! And a worthwhile opportunity

On the scrap-heap at 55 ? [ You wouldn’t be the first ! ] Can’t get a job ? Facing redundancy ?
About to retire on a miserable pension ? Want a second string to your bow ? …or just want a change.


Joining Eurowills and working with our experienced consultants could be the opportunity for you to build a good, ethical business to operate as and when you want. There is no pressure from us; the more you do the more you earn. You will begin by doing the basics – then you can branch out into the more detailed aspects of estate planning and eventually run your own business with your own team which could be family, friends or anybody else you choose to work with.


Join this rapidly-growing £3 billion industry ; open to any age or background. This is NOT a franchise ; we do not need to see your accounts ; no limit on where or when you work. Our system is unique tried and tested over eight + years ; you need no previous experience or qualifications in this profession – you will be trained and mentored throughout your career with us.


We are a well-established, professional estate-planning business wanting to recruit more consultants in the following areas :- Kent – Lancashire [Manchester ] – Lancashire [ West ] – Yorkshire – Devon & Cornwall – Cumbria – Essex – Birmingham / Wolverhampton – Wales – Berkshire – Buckinghamshire – Middlesex – Dorset – Somerset


The fee will depend on your mentor who will be one of our experienced consultants working in your area. There is no VAT on the fee.

What do you get for your money.

A two-day residential course as an introduction to estate planning and funeral-plans ; a personal mentor ; precedent proforma ; 100 x Eurowills 20-page booklets ; access to a 400-page internet-based manual ; a legal help and advice line.

Training held over a weekend for your convenience. The course will cover inter alia wills trusts and lasting Powers of Attorney.
Your certificate of training from Eurowills may be used for membership of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and / or the Institute of Paralegals.
You will be given the tools and the advice on how to start your business and a charging guide for the service you sell.
The fees you take from the client go into YOUR business account, out of which you pay for the drafting of documents which is done by our well-established and experienced team.

Your principal will be your area mentor; he will be available to assist your on all aspects of the business. If you move into another area, you can stay with him – or move onto the new area mentor. Funeral plans – there is usually no selling required; you will have a good few hours with a funeral plan representative, and you can sell these from day one.

You can bring on board anybody you wish to build a team who will work closely with you and your mentor. You are not restricted to any area of England and Wales.

You operate your own bank account; you need no premises, no stock, no employees; you work when you want to, there are no targets to meet; you can set up this business in readiness for retirement or redundancy.

Unlike many similar businesses, we do NOT make our money by selling courses, expensive CPD training, software or just paying you a commission on sales. The money YOU earn YOU keep and you pay us to prepare documents for your clients.

You will receive: Fees guidance notes ; Four pages of news links FYI and for your presenters ; Client information / instruction sheets ; Access to all our existing consultants.

Eurowills – apart from working with its many consultants throughout England & Wales – is a training and recruiting business for the willwriting profession.

Working with us has a number of benefits; apart from the training delivered by qualified teachers with experience in the law, there is available a large number of precedent proforma, business start-up advice, head-office / virtual address and telephone number, access to all training and reference material and technical advice line either e-mail or telephone. For a fixed fee, all will and other estate planning documents are checked against Client requirements as per instruction sheets, amended if necessary, and e-mailed to the Consultant so he can check again with the client before engrossment and binding the document in readiness for execution.

We offer an off-the-shelf business which, with the full support of Eurowills and its existing Consultants; it is the start of a new business career, with nobody telling you how to work or when, and with no claw-back of your earnings. Our view is, whereas we will provide you with all you need, you do as much or as little as you can or want to do to suit yourself.
At the other end of the scale, we will provide whatever service you need, including engrossment and binding if necessary, and you pay us accordingly.

Eurowills will train prospective members and anybody interested in joining the profession, whether or not they wish to become a member of Eurowills. The training covers all aspects of will drafting and estate planning and is particularly important for those new to the profession and for others it will be a worthwhile revision exercise.Only in exceptional circumstances will the training requirement be waived. The course content is comprehensive and all added-value aspects of the profession will be included.


You will also hear from or will be introduced or referred to :-
Senior Associates working as will drafters in their own businesses and who may have positions to offer new Associates.
IFAs who can advise on e.g., investments, and who can work with Associates who may need such advice for their clients.
Representatives from associated businesses, e.g.,
storage, probate services and pre-paid Funeral plans [Safe Hands] et al.


Consultant Telephone & E-mail support.
This is an invaluable service, especially for Associates new to the business. Because we know how difficult it is to answer all the questions and resolve some issues whilst you are ‘on the road’ and with your client, Eurowills operates a help-line. By ringing or E-mailing us, our experienced representatives can address your problems, and can either give you an answer immediately, which is what we aim to do or otherwise E-mail a response to you and that generally means as soon as we pick up your request, and certainly within 24 hours. Where we are unable to help (which is unusual) we will refer you to other information sources


Consultants maintain their own insurance because they often undertake work outside mainstream estate planning issues. However, we are able to negotiate favourable terms with brokers or companies direct for new policies. We also provide Certificates of Training, so clients know that you are covered – and trained and so the insurance companies know that you are competent to work in the profession.


Executor & Probate Service.
Executor and Probate – essential aspects of any will, so we endeavour to make this as simple and cost-effective as possible. We therefore advise on this issue and maintain links with known and trusted Associates who specialise in these areas of Estate Planning; our main supplier of this service is IWC of Braintree, Essex.

Continuing Professional Development.
We are keen to see our Associates undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This involves keeping in practice and up-to-date with changes in the law, referring problematic issues to us at Eurowills and having the time to chat with the Consultants about how they are managing.


Business start-up advice.
Associates starting in business can apply for advice on business start-up to help them, for example, work out cash-flow forecasts, and generally manage their affairs and to decide on the structure of their business.


All Associates are entitled to use the Association logo on their headed paper and proforma. Associates are also issued with a Certificate of Professional Competence and CPC certificates which can be displayed and shown to clients should they need some reassurance as to the Associates estate planning knowledge


Fees for membership, document drafting and other services are available on application.