Useful information

Need a will? 

Why can’t I buy a will-form from Smiths and do my own?

Go ahead. However, a will form won’t ask you the sort of questions you ought to address for such an important document. Who will be my executors and trustees?


What if I have a disabled child who may go into care when the surviving parent dies? What about my step-children? What about my divorced partner? Regarding my real property, what is the difference between a life interest and a right of occupation?


Can I leave my partner a life interest in my entire estate and why would I want to do this? When would I need to consider these options? What are mutual wills and when should I have one?


When can I use a codicil?


How can I make sure my children get my property and not have it disposed of by my surviving partner before he / she dies?


Why is secure storage of a will important, and who will store it for you?

These are just a few questions which any will writing practitioner might ask you. And if you don’t know the answers already, he can explain it to you.